Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of engagements do you typically do?

Architecture & Development (including Proof-of-Concept, Greenfield, New Features, Migration, System Integration).

Institution & Implementation of DevOps practices and tooling.

Audits & Reviews.

Are you open to permanent?

At the present time, no. My view is that the knowledge & skills I have been fortunate to gain as part of my journeys with different clients allow me to offer much better value in any new engagements.

Do you consider short (e.g. 4-12 week) engagements?


Are you a Java / C# developer?

My recent experience has been centered around the design, implementation, and operation of web applications involving JavaScript, Python and Ruby.

Frequently it has been the case that roles require a number of skills of which one or two require upskilling on my part - something I am both happy with and well-used to doing.

However if the role exclusively focuses on Java, for example, then quite simply I’m unlikely to be your best bet. I don’t believe in claiming to be something I am not.

You can always contact me and we can have a chat.

Where are you based?

I am based in the Dublin area. I am open to fully remote and hybrid arrangements in Ireland, Continental Europe and the UK.